About Artist

Pak Hong (b. Singapore, 1971) is a Canadian-based landscape photographer who primarily works in black and white. Despite being a naturally shy person, he occasionally crosses over into street photography, and some of his most acclaimed works are from this genre. In fact, his street photography often showcases a unique perspective that captivates viewers and highlights his artistic vision.

By modern standards, he is an old-school artist. He doesn't sell Lightroom presets, eBooks, or stock photos, nor does he offer online courses or lead photo tours. He never rushes to share his work on social media, preferring to focus on his craft and enjoy every moment of it. For him, creating art is a labor of love that requires time, patience, and dedication.

Pak Hong selects his favorite pictures to showcase here on 'Picks of Pics'. His goal is to create work that resonates with viewers, and if his photos can achieve that, he is content. To fully appreciate his art, it is better to view his works on larger screens or in prints. If you see a photo you particularly love, please know that all photos posted on this site are available for purchase (as downloads, prints, wall art, etc.). Only 50 copies of each image will be produced to maintain value and originality to the pieces.

Hope you enjoy his photos and visit again soon, either to re-browse or to catch new shots from his latest outings.

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